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The other day I was running to an important meeting, and despite a good night’s sleep, a quick glance in the mirror revealed that I looked a little worse for wear. It made me wish there was something to immediately wake up my face somehow, so I delved a little to find out what works. For starters, I asked my friend Edie, whose skin always looks dewy and fresh. She swears by The Ordinary Rosehip seed oil​ that she dabs on as an anti-inflamatory and instant glow-i-fier.


I just tried Via Liberata’s Ten Minute Tan the other day and am already a fan. You apply it all over (preferably with a mitt) and wait about 10-15 minutes and then get in the shower! It gives a good very subtle glow and I wish I’d known about it before that big meeting!
My friend Anne loves a swish of Trish McEvoy 24 Hour Eye Shadow Pencil which she says is easy to apply and wakes up eyes instantly. “A little of this smudged around your eyes with bronzer is also just really a good summer look,” she says.
I sprayed a little Golden Waves Sea Salt Spray in my hair and it gives just enough sparkle, getting rid of any dullness.
Another of Anne’s favorites is a little pricey, which is why she only pulls it out in a emergency: Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum mixed with these gel eye masks. “If I could do one of these eye masks every day, I would! It really makes my under eye area look so much better — less puffy and smooths out bags and lines and you look much younger after!” Sounds like it’s worth its weight in gold!
I’ve been using Olio E Osso No. 3 which adds a hint of flush and a glossy sheen (and yes it certainly helped the other day!)
My sister likes a little swish of Nars Hot Sand Illuminator on the cheekbones for an instant tan glow.

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    I’m with Anne: I’d do almost anything to get rid of the puffiness under my eyes (With the exception of going to bed early, giving up salt, or plastic surgery.) So I’d spring for the pricey pads at least once.

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