Beauty Roundup: Cult Status



Aside from basic drugstore products that really deliver, and splurgy, fancy ones, there are those face lotions and potions that send us into a panic when we’re down to the last drop. I first heard about Biologique Recherché P-50 in a Top 5 right here on this blog and I have no idea how I lived without it! Warning: it smells like vinegar that’s gone a little off, but it makes your skin look bright like nothing else.

Thanks to Edith Machinist I am now super into Collosol Eau de Lait! Just soak a little on a cotton pad and rub on the face instead of soap and water.
I first noticed Embryolisse when it was showing up in every makeup artist’s kit around the late ’90s. It’s super rich, smells like old school-heaven and makes a great base for any makeup.
Apparently Klorane is the gentle way to successfully remove eye makeup without irritation or oil.
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is all about the smell and light pink tint. p.s. It’s way too rich for me to smear all over my face, but I love it as a lip balm.
 Here’s the secret of French women and makeup artists everywhere: use Bioderma water instead of soap or traditional makeup remover. Take a little on the plane with some moisturizer and you’re set.


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    Thank you for bringing back beauty Tuesdays!

  • Reply November 28, 2017

    Allison Tray

    This list is spot on! I’m all about micellar water, esp for traveling. I’m over the moon for Biologique Recherche. P50 might be the most transformative product of all time. My staff are currently training to perform BR’s incredible services and we will use the exclusive line at Tres Belle Spa in Boerum Hill Brooklyn. We will be one of 4 spas in the entire city invited to partner. I’d love to present a special to IWTBH babes when we get rolling. If you want to stay posted on the official announcement, pls sign up for my newsletter through the website.

    Thank you for letting me post my Tres Belle Spa + Biologique Recherche news here. You’re the first to know.

    • November 28, 2017


      So exciting!!!

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    So, I’m really curious now…is Biologique Recherche P50 a toner or what? 🙂

    • November 29, 2017


      Yeah I guess that’s the category it would fall under!

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