Beauty Roundup: All About the Bath

Happy New Year! It’s so freezing in New York I am seriously thinking about moving to L.A.  But for now I will have to settle for lots of layers and some good, hot soaks (the best thing about winter, in my opinion). Time to stock up on all the fun stuff that makes a bath an experience. For starters I would love to try this interesting concotion made of mustard seed and turmeric. It’s supposed to detoxify (whatever that really means) and makes sore muscles feel better (yay), but really, any excuse to lull about in the tub.

I love anything Moroccan, in fact, my wedding had a bit of a Marrakech theme. I think one would feel very romantic and exotic with a little Ren’s Morocccan Rose oil in her bath.
My sister and I were just discussing dry brushing and we like the sound of it. Use one of these before the bath to exfoliate body skin and keep circulation revved.
The idea of making your bath a giant cup of tea sounds kind of appealing. Here’s just the thing to get you there. 
If you’re really serious about bathing as a relxation technique, try a good cotton bath pillow! 
This almond paste really does look like something you’d find at a food market in Paris. You can kind of smell it just looking at it, right?
Charcoal is supposed to help pull out the bad stuff in your skin and these infused scrubbers are just that much better than regular old wash cloths.
I’ve always loved all things Clarins and Relax Bath and Shower works for your hot soaks and morning showers alike.


  • Reply January 2, 2018


    Well now I need a better bathtub and all these things

  • Reply January 2, 2018


    you forgot the tray if you like to read or watch stuff on phone/pad/laptop in the tub! Also bath teas are the BEST!

  • Reply January 2, 2018


    Perfect recipe for cold winter days…. Thank You :)))

  • Reply January 2, 2018


    Just got back from NY to LA and it is nice to be warm again! Jeez it was freezing.
    I think I need that almond paste -it looks fantastic.

  • Reply January 6, 2018


    Those Japanese scrubbing cloths are the BEST! I have a few and you can even toss them in the washing machine.

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