Beauty Roundup: All About Scrubs




I’ve always been a fan of the basic oil-in-salt-based body scrub for instant smooth and dewy skin. Now there are so many types for so many different things. Here’s a new one for the shower with an intriguing name and appearance that probably smells like heaven if heaven were a beach in St. Tropez in 1975.

This “Radiance Enzyme” one for the face is for achieving glowing, even-toned skin.
Here’s a lip scrub stick that’s dressed up like a pretty pink gloss (it acts as both things too).
Hands are the first to show age so it makes sense to use this One-Minute Hand Scrub to slough off any offensive dead skin.
For those of us who get chapped lips in the winter, there’s a nice scrub for that.
Earth Tu Face makes such great products so their Sea Salt exfoliator  just has to be amazing.
I’m into the idea of a Scalp scrub that combats oiliness and odor and just freshens everything up.







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  • March 1, 2017


    I use the Christophe Robin scrub 2x a week – so great for my scalp, it smells amazing, and turns into such a perfect lather. Love it!