Beauty Roundup: All About Essences

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My obsession with Korean and Japanese skincare is not going away and I am super into researching all of the waters that they use to keep their skin glowing and pure. Here are some I’ve already discussed and others that I’ve just discovered. I already love SK-II Facial Treatment Essence and here’s a whole little kit to get you started.


Shiseido is so old-school Japanese (this product was first introduced in 1897!) so I’m sure this gorgeous red bottle is filled with something magical.
The masks are super popular too. This one is infused with yummy hydrating rose water and is supposed to moisturize while firming everything up.
I love everything Tata Harper makes and her hydrating Floral Essence is totally addictive.
Turns out there’s something called Hungarian water and it’s filled with herbs and antioxidants that are supposed to hydrate and make you really glow!
Here’s yet another SK-II product to get excited about and this one is all about the eyes. 



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