Beauty Roundup: A Little Illumination



Every woman wants to look like she’s lit from within, whether subtly “tan” or with a certain pearly glow (as in this backstage photo). Here’s a bunch of products that promise to get you there and just in time for tan-fading season.

I am so intrigued by this Givenchy “Radiance Booster” that’s supposed to plump everything up and make skin less fatigued looking. Sign me up now.
Here’s an illuminating base that you wear underneath (I might just mix in a few drops) your usual foundation or tinted moisturizer for a pearly sheen.
And this one’s got a “tan” and illuminator in one and you can use it alone, mixed in with foundation or dabbed over everything once you’re done.
I’ve always liked the Glam Glow mask, which really does give a quick boost to the skin, so Glow Starter Moisturizer has got to be good!
Marc Jacobs’ coconut-based gel highlighter can be used mixed in with tinted moisturizer or with a brush as a highlighter on places like cheeks and brow bones. I just love that it’s made with coconut water!
La Base Pro Hydra Glow is a primer that shimmers and hydrates, so it’s a moisturizer that goes the extra mile.
They tout MAC Strobe Cream as the “ultimate quick fix” for skin. And it has green tea in it. I remember someone using the white version and she looked super moon-kissed if you can picture it. I think I would try one of the ones with a little tint.



  • August 29, 2017


    Highly recommend the GlamGlow moisturizer. Feels great and makes a big difference!

  • September 1, 2017


    I think a little glow is gorgeous on skin…just as long as one doesn’t overdo it! I once had a client at BB show up at the counter looking like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz and she wanted to know if she was doing it right. (Um…) “Why don’t you have a seat right here…” 🙂