Beauty Roundup: 5 Great Time-Crunch Workouts

I like to stay in shape but I hate gyms and a long workout just bores me to tears. In fact I tried a StairMaster at a hotel once and literally counted every minute (I set it for 20) and thought I would lose my mind. Instead, I prefer exercising in short intervals in the privacy of my own living room while wearing some cute leggings and an un-padded sports bra (not as easy to find as you’d think) like this nice plain one from Gap. I must warn you that my workouts of choice are on DVD and I use one of these external ports to play them. They’re not exactly hip or cool or anything of that nature, but they work and they leave more time for more fun and interesting things. Enough said.

I love Denise Austin and could have done this whole post only listing her DVDs. I once saw her zooming through the lobby of the Four Seasons in L.A. and yelled out to her, letting her know I did her workouts all the time. Very glamorized! Anyway, her Pilates workouts are about 20 minutes long and really tone everything up. Plus Denise is so upbeat, encouraging and calming which is why I love her.
I do this crazy-looking Pace Express workout  a lot. There are eleven of them, and they’re only 12 minutes each (16 minutes with the cool-down breaks ). The website makes it look like a tacky infomercial but I swear it’s great.
David Swensen is a major yogi and he has no sense of humor. But his Short Forms are great little sessions and make you feel like you’re doing something really good for your body/mind.
Mary Helen Bowers has an insane ballet body, so it’s no wonder she has a gazillion followers. You can do 15 minute workouts with her Ballet Beautiful Body Blast. I even go so far as to wear these little canvas shoes.
Tamilee Webb is old-school like Denise, and just as nice and encouraging. Her I Want that Body! series targets areas like abs and “buns” and you can do one or a few.


  • Reply February 6, 2018


    very useful! x

  • Reply February 6, 2018


    Of the same vein, 8 Minute Abs is one of my favorite short workouts and so very ’90’s. You can find it on YouTube!

  • Reply February 7, 2018

    Susie Boggess

    This is the hands down coziest, best bra for yoga and pilates in case anyone is looking.

    p.s. The brand is great too. Started by former Victoria’s Secret staff who get what women actually feel good in.

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    Your description of the yoga guy made me lol and I woke my husband! 😉

    Yay for old-school! (I’m a fan of my Cindy Crawford workout dvd)

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    Thanks for these! I’ve been revisiting my Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD lately as I, too, like a quick but effective workout at home…

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