A Little Romance


So Valentine’s Day is next week, and while it’s nice to receive a gift from someone you love,  it’s also a complete excuse to get yourself something really pretty and romantic, because why not? First, I propose a new kind of chic and wonderful pair of diamond studs that’s less common and a lot more fun. And then there a a few more good ideas to give you “all the feels” as the kids say.

Few things smell as sexy as a Costes Hotel candle. The scent takes me back to my days as an editor covering the shows in Paris and it’s just super dreamy.
Here’s a really pretty red lace bra. And the fact that it’s un-padded and unlined makes it all the more special!
These crazy Trademark Crane earrings are both romantic and bold.
I could smell Tom Ford Ou Wood, which is woodsy in the best possible way, all day long.
I think reading a few love letters before bed could be inspiring and sweet-dream inducing.
And we all need a pretty embroidered blouse sometimes.


  • Reply February 8, 2018


    I can’t afford Tom Ford perfume but all of them smell so amazing. Luckily, Nordstrom is generous with the samples, so I go there to pick up pretty good size vials of it fairly regularly.

    That bra is gorgeous. It’s so hard to find sexy bras that aren’t padded or push up.

  • Reply February 8, 2018


    Armani Privé Oud Royal is pretty amazing too!

  • Reply February 8, 2018


    those earrings. but also – I looked up the necklace version. fuckina. stunning. my inner gollum wants it so bad.

    but $$$$$$…

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