A Little Pre-Fall Jacket Excitement


I get up super early with my baby (you know, like when only one coffee place is open), and lately the mornings have been giving us a little taste of fall. Of course this means some kind of light outerwear and now I’ve got jackets on my mind. None of the following have anything in common with one another, just that you throw them over your clothes and I like them.  J. Crew’s transitional waxed cotton topper looks like a cool preppy vintage find and the color is just so happy.

Classic trenches are great no matter what but a black trench trench looks so chic and mysterious and you can wear it forever.
Just when you thought you had enough denim jackets (and I really do, trust me), This stellar one with a wide body and sleeves comes along to taunt me!
Maybe a puffer is getting a little far ahead but this green cropped one is making my head spin with joy. It’s like a super wearable prep-school version of Vetements.
Normally I’m not so into a classic biker jacket that’s not actually leather, but this amazing version so clearly isn’t trying to look like anything but what it is — a cool, shiny Courreges-like dream.
Here’s a pretty kimono-type thing that acts more like a windbreaker.
And something feels so new about a belted denim duster. I definitely don’t own one of these and maybe it’s just the right thing to update my everyday standbys.



  • August 10, 2017


    I may have to make the kimono-esque one a reward for getting off the internet and getting something I’ve been avoiding done….

  • August 10, 2017


    I’m laser-focused on kimonos lately. They’re the perfect boho chic cover-up. And that duster reminds me of a denim coat I had back in the early 80’s!

  • August 10, 2017


    I bought two kimonos this year, in addition to the 3 I already own, but maybe I need another one? I don’t wear them all the time but each one fills a specific need.

  • August 10, 2017


    Gah! I wore my black cotton twill J. Crew trench all over the globe till it literally fell apart (I picked it up from a coat check at a fancy birthday party one night, and was mortified to see that the lining had completely ripped out). Had been on the hunt for another and ended up buying a poly one elsewhere which was only just so-so and I am now going to attempt to return it because that Everlane one you posted is A+.

  • August 10, 2017


    These are all so good. Best of all, they’d all look great paired with the world’s cutest accessory: a lil’ red-haired baby! (That green puffer, especially, omg!)