A Little Household Glamour


After my friend Edie gave me the chicest tube of toothpaste I’ve ever encountered (it’s coming in a minute), I realized  our routine items really don’t have to be so boring. Ok, so the toothpaste is expensive as far as these things go, and I wouldn’t really use it all the time, but I’m super into this eco-friendly German kitchen cleaner (that I’m sure is just boring like Fantastik over there, but that’s how it always is when European things hit the U.S. — instant novelty!) and a few more items that make the mundane a little more fun.

So here’s the toothpaste that Edie gave me. It tastes fresh and delicious, its packaging is a gorgeous shade of bluish-green and it even comes with a chic little squeezing key so you can get every last drop.
I really miss Tocca and all that it stood for — fun femininity and just good times back in the ’90s. At least you can enjoy the laundry detergent for your “fine washables”.


Apparently charcoal is good for lots of things that ail you, and a charcoal bristle toothbrush is not only easier on the eyes than, say, an Oral B one, it’s made of biodegradable bamboo and its charcoal-infused bristles are supposed to keep bacteria in check.
 My friend Liz turned me on to Turkish towels when I had to trek to her place in Brooklyn for a shower during Hurricane Sandy. They’re super soft and absorbent and make your bathroom feel a little like you’re on vacation.
And who wouldn’t want to try dental floss with a tinge of coconut?




  • June 8, 2017


    You ticked off all of the boxes for me today: Turkish towels, that cool dental floss, a toothbrush that’s a work of art, and the TOOTHPASTE with a SQUEEZING KEY!!! 🙂

    My brother, the packaging engineer, always says I’d be a packing tester’s nightmare with the way I squeeze the toothpaste tube in the middle.

  • June 15, 2017


    Tocca fragrances are the best! You can still get them at Anthropologie and Sephora. (Yes, I know you were talking about the clothing line, but I don’t want people to miss out on the fragrances!)